Cupcake & Cake Toppers


Q) Are the cupcake, cake, cookie and doughnut toppers edible?

     A)Yes 100%. We follow food hygiene guidelines.

Q) Are all toppers Handmade?

     A) Yes all toppers are handmade so variations will occur.

Q) What are the topper made from?

     A)Fondant/Gum Paste (which has a fragile nature - Damages may occur during transit and most can be repaired.  Please contact us for repair details) care must been taken when handling your item (unpack carefully etc.)

Q) Where should the toppers be stored?

     A)Cupcake and cake decorations should be stored in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Q) Are the fondant toppers available now?

     A) Yes we have most in stock ready to ship out within 1-3 days of receiving the order, but limited numbers maybe available in different designs.  With only a few designs requiring pre ordering or if larger quantities are required pre ordering is recommend . This time excludes delivery time.

Q) Do you do custom order?

     A) Yes we do, but please note our work is unique to our own style.  You are welcome to send through a photo of what you are looking for but variations will occur due to the items being hand crafted and our own design coming through.

Q) Why is Topper Sizing approx.?

     A) Due to all toppers being handmade slight size variations will occur.  

Q) Do you make the cakes, cupcakes and cookies

     A) No.  We only supply the edible toppers.

Q) What are the payment options for my cupcake topper order?

     A) Secure payment with Paypal.  You can check out as a member or as a casual/non member payment.

Q) What is your processing time?

     A) Our processing time for your order is 1-3 days to pack up your order to be ready to ship if all stock is available. This time excludes delivery time.

Q) Who do you ship with?

     A) This all depends on your location. We ship with Australia Post - with tracking number.  We take great care to ensure that your topper order reaches you in perfect condition. Delivery time vary due to locations and this is out of our control and are not able to offer any guarantee's on their service. 

Q) Shipping time - How long will it take?

     A) This will depend on your location, but allow 2 - 10 days.  This is out of our control and are not able to offer any guarantee's.

Q) Do you ship to a PO Box?

     A) No we do not. 

Q) Returns Policy?

     A) Due to being a food items we are unable to accept returns if you have simply changed your mind or there has been a miss ship - we take no responsibility on shipping time if your order doesn't make it to you in time due to the service of the postage company.

Q) What if my items are Damaged in transit?

     A)Once your order is received please check for damages. Most damages could be repaired please contact us for repair info.   You can request a refund within 7 days of receiving order.  Photo evidence must be supplied and return of goods.  Once damaged goods are return we will refund the damaged goods cost and return (only) shipping costs.

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Add TOPPED cake, cupcake, cookie and dounut toppers to your tasty treats.